Never fear CO-WORKER HACKER is here


Free Co-Worker Hacker Offer Good For 24 Hours

Powerful Hacks for Strange Personalities :-)

At the Institute for Self-Achievement we know that it's always important to stay ahead of the game. So, we wrote an eBook with our top co-worker hacks. These hacks have been created to help you get ahead and stay ahead of your annoying co-workers.

CoWorker Hacker will teach you:

  • How to stay under cover and recognize dysfunctional behavior and communicaton styles
  • Ways to hack their annoying personality style without them knowing what you're up to
  • Tactics to develop workplace relationships that works to your advantage

About the Author, Domenic Certa

Domenic has been in the management game for many years and with that experience came his passion to help do-it-yourself'ers to go from good and great to freakin' amazing! With that in mind, Domenic came up with several funny yet serious personality hacks to help get strange co-workers off your nerves.

Outside of the management, training and speaking world, Domenic is a big fan of international travel, tennis and biking.